We are all way to familiar with the term corona virus or COVID 19. It is on every news station and on everyone’s minds. It can get very discouraging because many experts can’t tell us when it will end and most say the worst is still to come.

hospital-lockdown-OKC window film

hospitals with OKC window filmThe hospitals, healthcare workers and doctors offices are working tirelessly to help all of those affected, we are very thankful for their dedication. One of the problems is the shortage of supplies many doctors offices and healthcare facilities are having. There are not enough masks, tests and other essential supplies.  When these facilities do get the supplies, they are very valuable because of their high demand. They need to be protected.

One way hospitals and healthcare facilities can protect their supplies and staff during this time of uncertainty and unrest is with Security Window Film. Security Window film, from OKC Window Film, is a type of adhesive film that is applied to the glass to prevent breakage and entry.

anti shatter OKC window filmSecurity film is usually clear but can have a slight tint to it to increase the solar benefits of the film. The film captures any broken glass and keeps it in place. If the window or door happens to break, the film stays in place and prevents entry.

Hospitals everywhere are installing security film to protect themselves, their patients and staff and their supplies. OKC Window Film can help OKC healthcare facilities be better protected during this time and beyond.


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