Benefits of Commercial Window Film

Hundreds of commercial property owners and architects in Oklahoma City have already discovered the benefits of window film for their buildings, store fronts and design projects. Window film can be applied to exterior windows of buildings large or small to help control building climate, improve security, protect furniture and floors from UV damage and fading, and create beautiful and unique exterior finishes.

With the amount of sunshine Oklahoma City gets, it’s no wonder many buildings and offices take advantage of the natural light with large windows. The problem with these windows is the lack of energy efficiency. This means that during the summer the sun shining through the windows heats up the building causing the AC to work harder. During the winter the heat escapes through the windows causing the heater to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Commercial window film by Llumar  can absorb heat through your windows during the summer, and block heat from escaping during the winter so your building can maintain a constant temperature all year round. Since this window film is effective during the winter as well as the summer, you can expect a fast and efficient ROI.

Below you will find several reasons why to use window film as well as different kinds of window film.

Window film can also be applied to any store front to help show off your brand with beautiful graphics or bring a sophisticated, frosted effect to interior or exterior glass surfaces to create a unique and branded look.

Whether you own an office building, hotel, retail storefront, restaurant, or one of the great small businesses in Oklahoma, a window film installation from Oklahoma City Window Film can bring numerous benefits to your space.